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"singing isn't just my hobby, it's my passion"

As a 14-year-old she was in the audience seven times when Tony Manero sang to the hearts of his beloved in the musical "Saturday Night Fever". Later - in the opera, she cried just as big tears in “Aida” with the exiled lovers, as in the cinema with “Mandela - the long way to freedom” or “Cry Freedom”, the drama about Steve Biko. Music films like “Step up” in 2006 or “Pink Floyd - The Wall” were a must for Tanja anyway. In the two years from 16 to 18, she gained her first stage experience live on stage and even then convinced the audience with ingeniously sung cover songs. And who's any surprise, Tanja finished her high school with a song project. She studied history and German and now works as a freelance journalist.
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