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Tanja Carol was born in 1991 in Switzerland as an only child in a musical family and she is still close to music. Then as a 14-year-old teenager she had her first stage experience like small gigs at small city festivals and convinced the audience with ingeniously sung cover songs. No wonder she finished high school with a song project and then she studied history and German and now works as a freelance journalist.


Singing continued in focus, followed by singing lessons with different vocal coaches, TC wished for nothing more than singing would be the future. And sometimes wishes come true, the solo singer Tanja Carol takes her first steps, sings her first songs. A chance encounter with her current producer and manager has welded the two together into a song project. It quickly became clear to him: only if TC can be more than just a singer, namely if she can work with different music producers and different genres and if she was also allowed to design the vocal track for the songs in the initial phase, only then would she flourish in the songs. A brilliant move by him, who led to ingenious new songs, with the vocal track by Tanja Carol. 


From the very first day she sang as a child until today she shows her passion for singing in her songs, she puts her heart and soul into it! And Tanja Carol is not the type of singer songwriter with the guitar in hand or on the piano, she belongs to the new generation who experiments with acoustic music panels for example, just as a singer songwriter actually defines itself: Writing the lyrics by yourself and performing the song by yourself, and that’s what she do. Enjoy Tanja's exciting music mixes from independent pop, afrobeats, rap, classical music and much more!

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